Robert Rudis - - Driven by his love of imagery.


Robert Rudis is a commercial Director of Photography specializing in people and their stories. Driven by his love of images Robert followed his calling to New York City’s finest film school earning a bachelors degree in the fall of 1979. Continuing to refine his craft for composition and lighting, Robert worked his way up though union camera crews in the 80’s in New York City, enjoying every aspect of creating images.


Hanging up his tape measure, he became a camera operator and Director of Photography in 1990. Robert says “We’re always learning… but the teachers become fewer and farther between.”


Today running a client friendly, service oriented, business he believes that great creativity often is the result of team effort. Robert values working closely with his Director and crew in creating evocative images. This belief of inclusion has led to a long list of lasting professional relationships with both clients and crew.


He enjoys all aspects of production, relishing both the planning and execution stages. Robert says “Good pre-production leads to enjoyable, stress free execution… Fun!


Robert has worked on all size projects while maintaining his commitment to the pursuit of indelible moving images. He’s a sucker for travel and his work has taken him to the six corners of the earth. Robert says “Travel is pure enlightenment”.


Robert loves the gear and owns a number of modern digital camera packages.